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Manual Directory Submission is an SEO service that entails having your website manually submitted to online directories. This particular service is very instrumental in increasing your Web presence, directing more people to your site, and thereby potentially raising your chances of acquiring new clients.

Why Your Website Needs Directory Submission Services

Manual Directory Submission gives websites the chance to:

●      Generate one-way links

●      Get indexed by search engine spiders easier

●      Establish a better Web presence

●      Get a better page rank on Google and other search engines

We provide a Manual Directory Submission service that is a cut above the competition. We take your website further than other SEO companies, and we are confident that you’d be able to reap all the benefits that come from an excellent management of Manual Directory Submission.

Why Choose Submit Serve To Do Directory Submission For You

Here at Submit Serve, you can expect that:

1. We would submit your websites to the most relevant directories. Submit Serve only bothers with directories that have high page ranks. These directories are what search engine spiders normally check for outbound links, and we make sure that one-way links to your website would be included when they next check. High-PR and relevant directories give your website better credibility, and they are more instrumental to giving you a more pleasant position on SERPs.

2. We would manually submit your sites to these directories. Directories have guidelines that websites have to follow before they get accepted and indexed. We know how important it is to do this manually, as an automated process would lessen the chances of your site being accepted by these directories. Our team of skilled professionals are trained well in following directory guidelines and thus ensure your acceptance.

We would also provide one-way link system. We post Do-Follow links to your website (the opposite of No-Follow) that get tracked and indexed by the bots of search engines to ensure that the service we provide would reflect well on your page rank.

3. We would allow you to check our work before we proceed with it. We take customer satisfaction very seriously. This is the reason why we make sure that you are satisfied and happy with what we have done, before we go ahead and proceed to the next part of the process. We listen to what you have to say, and we accommodate your requests for changes.

We believe that there just won’t be a point to the service – if you only feel like you need to go through with it because you think that we’re better at it, even if you have an opinion or two about what we have done.

4. We would apprise you of all progress and development. Submit Serve will furnish you with a complete and detailed report of all that we have done to keep you informed. This way, you’d be more able to track your progress and chart your success.

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