Starting an SEO Company through Reseller Program!
Make thousands of dollars without investing so much of your time. We now introduce our reseller program as a way to share our long time success for being one of the best SEO companies in the worldwide web.

Who can be a reseller?
Anyone is welcome to avail of our reseller program. High-end SEO knowledge is not needed but it would be an advantage. Basic SEO knowledge will make you closer to the success that we promise to our resellers.

I want to resell your SEO services:

  • Would you like to offer all of your services in-house as a Web Designer?
  • Are you a marketing company who wants to offer a seamless service?
  • Are you a PR agency wanting to offer online PR?
  • Do you want to offer SEO services but don’t know how to start?

We offer easy solutions for you – whoever you are and whatever you do.

We offer most of the services we have on a Reseller basis– which allows our clients to take advantage of our services for about 5 to 20 percent less than direct clients.

Clients who avail of our reselling services fall on 3 categories:

1. Basic level – We do all the work for out clients. The clients will simply send people to us. We will sell, we will deal with those client referrals and we will be the ones to do the invoice. Clients under this category will earn 5% of any setup fees for referring people to us.

2. Reseller Level – Our clients will have a little freedom– they will be the resellers, and all the communication is with them. From this, we will offer our clients under this category a sliding scale of commission as detailed on our Reseller commission page. We will invoice both our client and the people they refer to us.

3. White label level – Our clients will have the permission to sell our products– and their customers will never know that there is a third party involved. We will work with our clients as if we are a part of their company. We will invoice both our client and the people they refer to us. This category also offers a sliding scale of commission as detailed on our White label commission page.

Features and Benefits of Reseller Program:

  • Customised websites and hosting with required content.
  • Easy management of clients, billing and order with an integrated shopping cart.
  • Big discount ranging from 10 to 30 percent depending on our services
  • Total Freedom in terms of marketing methods, pricing, branding and client management.
  • Customised reports for your clients.
  • You don’t owe us even a single cent from your profit.
  • We have succeeded and continue to succeed, and we will give you support to share our strategies for success.
  • Enjoy the rights of a global reseller– You can market us with your own company name.
  • Proven to give quality SEO services using a holistic approach. We have built success stories to all major business sectors
  • that availed of our services.

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