Using Social Bookmarking to Get Your Site Indexed

submitserve Social bookmarking is a great way to get your site indexed in the search engine. Of course, there are other ways which you can use to get your site indexed such as article submission, directory submission and etc. If you use article submission, your article must be indexed in the search engine before your site will get indexed. It will be harder to get your website indexed through article submission because you have to post the article to a lot of directories.

The easiest way to get your site indexed is to social bookmark pages from your site. Social bookmarking sites are frequently visited by the search engine spiders. The search engine spiders are always at the social bookmarking site because the visitors post new content every few minutes. If you want to get your site indexed within 1 day, you should submit the article to Digg.

Digg is a very popular social bookmarking site that receives tens millions of visitors per month. By submitting your site to the Digg social bookmarking site, you will get huge exposure for your business. You will see tremendous traffic being redirected to your site if you do it correctly.

If your site has a few pages, it can easily get indexed by submitting the homepage. If your site is not indexed, you can submit one internal page to Digg. If it is not indexed for some time, it may indicates that the site has lousy content. If you use duplicate content, you should remove it. You should replace the duplicate content with a unique content. Search engines can crawl the web and find the site that has the same content with yours. Once it detect that you are using duplicate content, it will ignore your site so that it won’t get indexed. You cannot use duplicate content from article directories or another website to build your website. If your website uses duplicate content, no one will want to visit. If you don’t know how to write a good content, you can hire copywriter to write it.

If your site has a lot of pages, it can be difficult to get it indexed. You must consistently social bookmark the pages for 1 – 2 weeks. Propeller can also be used to get a site indexed. The search engine frequently visit Propeller so new content will be picked up quickly. StumbleUpon is another great social bookmarking sites. StumbleUpon allows you Thumbs Up your favorite webpage. StumbleUpon is very strict. You should not submit multiple post per day. If the moderator finds that you frequently social bookmark at StumbleUpon, he will remove some of the posts. StumbleUpon can drive a lot of targeted traffic to your site if you know how to write an interesting title and description.

When social bookmarking your site, make sure you read the submission guidelines. By reading the submission guidelines, you know what is allowed and what is not allowed on the site. In this way, your post won’t be removed from the social bookmarking site.

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How Social Bookmarking Can Increase Your Backlinks

submitserve Social bookmarking allows you to save a webpage and share it with other people on the internet. Social bookmarking allows you to add links to the internal pages of your website. If you launched a new product, you can social bookmark it so that everyone will know about it. Once the product page get indexed, it will rank on the search engine so that it get a larger exposure on the internet. People will get to know about your new product.

If you want to use social bookmarking to increase your backlinks, you must get your post rank on the front page. When your post reach the front page, it will receive a lot of attention from the visitors. When people like your post, they will write about it and link to it on their site. They may also tell their visitors that your posts is receiving a high number of votes in that particular social bookmarking sites. The most popular social bookmarking site is Digg. Digg receives hundreds and millions of visitors per year.
If your post is ranked on the front page, it will be seen by millions of visitors. You will get a lot of referral traffic to your site. You can build a large network of friends on Digg. After you have built a large network of friends, you all can bookmark each other posts. To get to the front page, you must write catchy title. The title should include the main keyword. The descriptions should briefly describe the article in an interesting way so that people will visit your website.

Digg is an authoritative social bookmarking site. You should frequently post to Digg to take advantage of the quality links. You should not post the same number of posts per day. If you add a new content to your blog, you can social bookmark it. You can also social bookmark other interesting articles so that people won’t accuse you as a spammer. The articles should be from a different URL and in the same niche as the website which you are promoting. 
When submitting to social bookmarking site, make sure you check the link to ensure that it is working properly. If it is not working properly, people will not be able to visit the webpage. If the URL is invalid, people will have an impression that your company is unprofessional. Some social bookmarking sites such as Digg will attempt to detect the validity of the link before it allow you to continue the submission process. If the link is broken, Digg will inform you that the link is invalid. Broken link can happen if you did not upload the page properly. Sometimes, you enter the wrong URL into the field so the page cannot be accessed. Therefore, you must always check the URL to make sure you have entered the correct URL.

Social bookmarking sites such as Facebook allow you to create a fan page. You can use the fan page to promote your product. In the fan page, you can include links to the landing page of the product.


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Do follow Social Bookmarking

submitserve Do follow social bookmarking sites are social bookmarking sites that support the do follow link. The opposite of dofollow link is no follow link. The do follow link will be crawled by the search engine. As its name indicates, do follow links request the search engine to follow it. No follow links tells the search engine that the site has nothing to do with the link. If you submit your article to a no follow social bookmarking site, it won’t be indexed and crawled by the search engine.

Your site will get indexed in the search engine if you submit to a do follow social bookmarking site. By submitting to do follow social bookmarking site, your backlinks will increase. You will see significant improvement in your ranking in the search engine. You will receive visitors from organic search engine. Organic search engine visitors can help to increase your conversion rate. When your conversion rate increased, your site income will increase significantly. Whenever you add a page to your site, you can social bookmark it. if you keep on social bookmarking your site, you will see that your traffic keep on increasing.

You can find out if a social bookmarking site is dofollow by installing the No Nofollow Mozilla Firefox Add on. Once you installed the add on, the dofollow and no follow link will be highlighted. The do follow and no follow link are highlighted in different colors.

You can right click on the title link to find out if the social bookmarking site is dofollow. When the right click menu pop up, you must select Properties. If the Properties menu states that it is dofollow, you can be assured that it is a do follow site. If you are not sure about it, you can submit a post to the social bookmarking site. After that, you should right click on the link of the title of your post and select Properties.

Do follow social bookmarking sites helps your site to get indexed. Do follow links will be counted as backlinks. No follow link will not be followed by the search engine so it won’t be counted as a backlink. If you have a large amount of no follow links, it will not help your site to rank high on the search engine. If you want your site to rank well on the search engine, you must get do follow links. has a list of do follow and no follow social bookmarking sites. You can use to perform submission to do follow social bookmarking sites.

When performing social bookmarking submission, make sure you don’t use all capital letters in the title. Your description should be kept as short as possible. If it is too long, no one will want to read it. People only want to skimp through the important information in the social bookmark posts. You should also not use the URL of the destination page as the title of the social bookmark post.

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Single Page Creation

There is no concrete definition as to what design is. Up to this very time, there have been great artists who innovated ways to showcase their creativity and make it unique among the others. But nowadays, design has become involved not only in showing creativity but also in conveying messages to people. What we know now as design is also a way of communication, particularly in the area of web design.

We are sure that you want your site to be known by many other companies and Internet users. Thats why we are here to help. We dont only make sure that your site will have a unique design, but also will have increased exposure. Our services include the key components for a good website promotion:

  • website linking
  • article writing
  • social bookmarking
  • web directory listings
  • target web traffic, and many others.

That means we dont only use one, but a promotional package of five or more key components to assure your sites exposure in just a short period of time.

Our services would like you to attain not only short term, but also LONG TERM success in your Internet marketing. Several clients have tried our services, and they are now highly successful in generating sales on the world wide web. Our services will make it possible for you to be like those companies, as we would be glad to be a part of your success.

Hurry and contact us now for a free consultation. We will offer big discounts for clients on a limited basis.

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Complete Link Building

The building blocks of good SEO marketing are one-way links. Here at Submit Serve, we have a complete link building package that would take care of all your link building needs. That desired number one spot on Google’s and other search engines’ results page would be more achievable with our services.

Of course, you know that a good page rank is the key to attracting more website visitors – and having the chance to convert those visitors to clients. We are dedicated to helping you realize your business goals better, and we are confident that we would be able to provide you with exemplary service that would leave you more than satisfied.

What Our Complete Link Building Service Includes

We have the following services mastered and we would like the chance to give you a first-hand view of how we can help you bring your business to a bigger clientele. We are particularly experienced at:

●      Article submission. We create original and unique articles for you and submit them to the most relevant article directories. The number of useful links you can get from this would move your website to the first-page spots you have always dreamed of.

●    Directory submission. We get your websites accepted to the most credible and traffic-heavy directories. DMOZ submission, for example, is something we take seriously. We are giving you the guarantee that we would do everything necessary to pass DMOZ’s strict guidelines , and have your site accepted to its traffic-generating tools and features.

●     Press release distribution. Press releases are one of the best weapons you can arm your business with. Press releases give your website the utmost sense of credibility and reputation that it needs – to have so that clients would come easy, and income would come in easily. We have a team of writers who would create Press releases that would give your business the attention that they deserve. We also submit these Press releases to the most competent news sites and directories

●     Squidoo Lens creation. Squidoo lenses would lend your website with the expert’s mark. Clients would feel less apprehensive about supporting your business – if they know that they are buying from a recognized Lensmaster. And, the Squidoo community can provide you with free one-way links to your website, without you doing anything.

●     Blog commenting. Our blog comments are some of the most income-generating tools we are proud of. We ensure that your website gets put in a truly admirable light. We post comments on the blogs that can be the most instrumental to your success in your chosen niche.

Complete Link Building Packages To Choose From

We have a comprehensive list of packages that you can look over. These packages are veritable money-savers, and also equip you with all the link building services that you need to prep your website up properly. You can talk to us about these packages, and we would be more than willing to customize them according to your wishes.

Here at Submit Serve, we are dedicated to seeing its clients prosper. With our complete link building service, there is no reason why you should continue to suffer, in terms of page ranks and Web traffic. Contact us today, and let’s work together to put your business right where it deserves to be.

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Link Wheel Service

Link Wheel service is an SEO process that involves building natural links to Web 2.0 properties, article submission directories, blog sites and high page-rank social bookmarking sites, and have them connect back to your website. Web 2.0 properties are websites that allow user interaction, instead of the normal passive posting of information that users can read.

Why Should You Consider Link Wheel Service?

Article submission directories, blog sites and high page-rank bookmarking sites are great indexing tools that would do wonders for websites’ search engine result page rankings. Link Wheel service utilizes all of these sites and use them to create a wheel that would help improve search engine presence for the website.

The process is rather like creating a mini-website, uploading original content such as articles or posting videos and other media and connecting it to your website, and to the next property (or mini-site) in your link wheel. These mini-sites are then bookmarked to give search engine crawlers reason to have your site indexed for your particular keywords. Having a lot of these mini-sites connecting back to your website and can easily pave the way to more clients.

Why Choose Submit Serve – Know How We Do It

Excellent link wheel service, such as the one we offer here at Submit Serve, would allow you to:

●      Build natural links to credible and reputable websites

●      Create original content for articles

●      Increase your Web presence better

●      Promote your business among a wide range of platforms properly

●      Post DoFollow Web 2.0 properties

●      Submit your Web 2.0 sites to social bookmarking sites

●      Enable deep linking to the inner pages of your websites

●      Improve your SERP ranking significantly

We provide Link Wheel Service that delivers. Our clients have a lot to benefit from the way we manage this particular SEO service, and we’re confident that we can give your website that needed boost in online presence through our service.

Submit Serve, first, ensures that all content for articles would be original. We house a competent team of writers that are trained in proper SEO, and do a good job of writing about your business in a way that would make clients out of readers.

Also, we only submit to websites that have a page rank of 4 and higher. These sites have a better relationship with search engine crawlers, and having your site indexed by them would make it easier to rank higher on search engines results pages.

We guarantee that we would get your full approval before we go ahead and do any work. Submit Serve takes customer satisfaction seriously, and you can count on the fact that everything that we do – in the name of providing great service to you – would please you and give you the confidence you need to believe that everything is taken care of. We also deliver a full report that would apprise you of all that took place.

Link Wheel Service Packages To Choose From

You can choose one among these packages and start creating the natural link wheel that would spin more success your way.

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Website Development

A highly specialised field of search engine optimisation, web development is an innovative service that will certainly make your company accessible and visible to the world. The web is practically the portal to your products and services. As such, it entails SEO-friendly web design and effective and innovative SEO techniques. A successful marketing of the website can be attained only with a web design that is search engine friendly. Compliance to H1 text and XHTML is considered alongside keyword density, content relevance and incoming links.
Web development is not just the page structure aspect but your website in its entirety to upscale the market value of your products and services. The expertise and experience of our web development team guarantees high quality and value website and design that is appropriate to your needs.

  • Posts news and various announcements about a company and/or industry
  • Advertise a website and help drive additional revenue for a company
  • Designs a site to become SEO friendly
  • Create a blog for the company to regularly communicate with its clients and prospect clients with no hassle
  • Provides a secure method for employees and customers to log in and view content exclusive for them
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Content Writing

Consumers would never want to buy a product or avail of a service if they don’t see any reason to. This is where great content marketing comes in. The right words can create the right impressions, and readers who are given the best perspective on your business would feel better about becoming your clients. Content writing is an SEO service that delivers that. One of the most powerful SEO services – it can literally spell the difference between business success and failure.

How Content Writing Works To Your Website’s Advantage

Websites rely on good, creative content to connect well with their readers. Through content writing, your offered products and services would be described and promoted the way they ought to be, and your business would have the attention that it deserves. Great content writing is a remarkable tool that can bring your business to more readers, and even more importantly, bring your business to potential clients.

Content writing covers some of the most instrumental content platforms that are effective at creating more pleasant buzz for your business, increasing your Website visitors, and closing more potential sales. Content platforms such as article submission directories, press release directories, and the Squidoo community can give your website that exceptional traffic generator. With great content writing service like the one we offer here at SubmitServe – you would help your business get the most out of them.

Why Choose Submit Serve’s Content Writing?

We have a team of expert content writers who are trained in proper keyword optimization, excellent researching skills and writing unique, original, and creative content – that can get your website noticed. We are confident that our competence and skills are going to land your website in the first page of results in any search engine. We don’t manipulate readers into believing that your business is worth their while; we make sure that what we write is a true reflection of what your business is, and why it is a good business that deserves their support.

We are skilled at creating articles that get your sales increased, Press Releases that give you pleasant business headlines, and Squidoo articles that want to make the whole community interested in your products and services. Writing personal profiles and instructional materials and editing existing works are also offered by Submit Serve.

With our Content Writing service, we guarantee that the purposes for which you have paid us would be achieved. We can ensure that you would get:

– A better page rank on Google and other search engines

– Traffic to your website would go encounter a pleasantly major improvement

– More clients would be clicking over to your website

– More business revenue and success.

Content Writing Packages To Choose From

We have very comprehensive packages to help you manage your content writing needs better. You can browse through them, so you can decide on the best deal that would help you get your money’s worth. 

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