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We Submit Your Sites to Directories with Quality
This service is dedicated to include your site to SEO friendly directories by creating a one-way link for your website.
SEO or search engine optimization has made marketing for your websites easier than ever by submission of sites to directories and articles. However, choosing a good SEO firm is the greatest challenge if you want to introduce your websites or products to the worldwide web. Most of the SEO firms claim that they can submit your sites to directories, are able to do link building and submission of articles, but not all SEO firms are able to build links to relevant directories.

We would guarantee you that our services would not put to waste your precious time and resources. We submit your sites only to relevant directories, and we only choose those high-end and reliable ones, thus making sure that your site becomes attractive to major search engines.
Our rankings in
Directory Submission
9.4 million
Complete link Building
18.7 million
Link Building Solutions
12.4 million
Manual Social Bookmarking
1.3 million
Blog Commenting
10.1 million
Blog Commenting Service
8.2 Million
Link Wheel Service
6.2 Million
We Provide SEO Services at an Affordable Package!
Every site/blog needs an effective website optimisation services, and also website promotion services to improve their ranking. But it does not mean that clients should pay a very high amount. If your site is just about to get a head-start, try our services. We provide flexible packages that will suite every site's needs and budget.
Benefits of Website Optimisation Services
Makes sites search engine friendly -- easily detected by major search engine sites.
A thorough evaluation of the sites to make sure of maximum optimisation.
Optimised pages will be submitted to social media (e.g. Digg, Reddit, etc) for increased site exposure
Pages found on top of major search engines will be rewritten by SEO copywriters, thus ensuring increased chance of drawing more viewers and customers.
Benefits of Website Promotion Service
Clients will receive monthly reports to keep them on track of any transactions.
Increased viewers and prospect customers.
A long list of one-way links will be built for clients every month -- and there will be chances for increase.
If well promoted, search engines will easily find clients' sites.
Results are long lasting, and will be recorded on the site's web forever.
Website promotion services, and website optimisation services are always essential to every business owners or individuals owning a site. Entrust all those SEO services to us now, and we will guarantee quality results.
After spending a lot of money buying software programs that were suppose to be the answer to SEO, time listing to various directories, contacting web owners to accept or exchange a link with no response etc, I found Submit Serve.  At first I was apprehensive as all SEO companies make big promises that do not materialize.  But, being very frustrated I thought I would give them a try.  To my delight I have been so pleased with their performance, customer service and it not costing zillions of dollars like other SEO companies I had contacted.

I have recommended them to other site owners which I don't do unless I am convinced that I am recommending a company that will live up to the expectations I present.  Without a question I highly recommend Submit Serve to anyone who is seeking to have first page or improve their placement on Google and drive traffic to their website.

Thank you Submit Serve for getting bowtiesandmore(dot)com on first page!
Carole, Bow Ties and More, USA
For a company that is new to the world of online marketing, must say Submit Serve did a fantastic job on hand holding us in our online initiatives. Results speak for itself. We have seen a 25% growth in quality visitor traffic and sales inquiries.
James Andrew, South Carolina, USA
Ours is a recent start-up and we were desperately looking for a SEO firm on which we could completely rely on for all our online requirements-from the initial website development to SEO marketing. That is when my friend referred me to Submit Serve and there is no looking back since then. Our online brand building has been very effective. Truly Submit Serve is the SEO expert!
Brian Harley, Irwine, USA
Thank you for your valuable inputs in making our site SEO-friendly. The best part was the pricing, which we found very effective, considering the fact that we believe we 'earned' twice the amount in terms of online goodwill.
Nick Carter, LA, USA
I'm very pleased with services from Submit Serve. The results wow-ed me! Almost immediately our rankings began to soar and in no time we got the first rankings for two of our major keyword phrases. I wish I have worked with Submit Serve years ago - and could have avoided wasting money and time with another company which professed to be a credible and expert SEO company.
Luigi for independentladies(dot)net
Submit Serve have massively improved our sales results and revenues as we obtained the top ranking for Office Catering much quicker than we expected. Office catering is a very competitive market but you guys did an excellent job on getting us ranked first. Thank you! Keep up the good work. We will definitely come back for more SEO services from you.
Peter Knock for ecater(dot)com(dot)au
We spent a boatload of money hiring a different SEO company before and only saw little results - barely making profit for our website. But our experience with Submit Serve is outstanding. Now, we rank on top on our major keyword phrase. We highly recommend them.
Chris for pcgamesupply(dot)com
I like the way Submit Serve work. They've been very honest, helpful and professional in giving their services. I was never disappointed. Working with Submit Serve for quite a time now, I have had nothing but great experience!
Craig Vernon for screenjacker(dot)com
I had a hard time choosing a reputable SEO firm as I've found so many failed stories on the web. The worry I had was that my site's niche is on application development. Earning trust from clients is very critical and putting the credibility of my company in the hands of another firm is a big risk. When I came across Submit Serve, I thought maybe I could try their services as they've been very helpful and informative when I spoke with them. I've been given details on the tailored SEO package suitable for my site's needs. Without hesitation, I let them do the work for me and glad I did as I've seen the results immediately. I'm definitely going to hire them again soon for my next project.
Lior Izik for ipadappdevelopment(dot)ca
I would like to thank everyone at Submit Serve as they've been very focused on delivering a stable search engine result for my website. They're SEO efforts greatly improved our visibility on Google. Then in no time we have noticed an increase on our queries. Submit Serve was successful in bringing in more business to our company. This is by far the best advertisement we have tried and spent on. In the call centre industry, the competition for the Google rankings is incredible and our exposure on the web served a great conversion of closed sales.
Steve Pitt for oncallcentre(dot)com
For the longest time, I've had problems with finding an SEO company that could deliver quality results. Submit Serve have well improved and optimized my website - increasing my traffic and revenues. I am most thankful for the professional services and pleased with the affordable and competitive rate. I have no regrets on giving up the other advertising services my site was engaged at before. Your SEO services delivered exactly what my website deserves - good traffic with increased conversion of web sales. Looking forward to working with Submit Serve again.
Lior Izik for developer4lease(dot)com